Is Your Company a Supportive Community Partner

Mutual Respect and Genuine, Effective Efforts Benefit your Employees &Demonstrates that You Value Your Workforce

One important aspect of any company is to have “good public relations” with their community. Companies that hire a larger number of community citizens should feel that public relations is a very important factor. Hopefully, that employer compensates the employees well and provides valuable benefits and resources. The relationship and management that employers have with local employees impacts many areas, including employee morale, productivity, mutual respect, how compliant employees may be, etc. If some managers or supervisors mistreat, disrespect, or ignore their subordinates, the company’s workplace environment can be negatively impacted or even become hostile.

When it comes to the training of managers and supervisors, employers are encouraged to convey what a HUGE responsibility managers and supervisors have in regards to the professional relationship they must instill and nurture in order to have a healthy and productive work environment. Not only does this strengthen the working relationship of current employees, but a professional and nurturing relationship also attracts other “good employees” to your business. Employees who are put down, disrespected, etc. will make a point to tell many others about their work relationships.

In addition, those “supportive employers” who provide on-going training and development of their employees will quickly find how this helps to grow a successful business. Today all companies need to look for ways to stay current and be more progressive. If not, a company can’t survive.

As a Supportive Community Partner, a company should stay informed of current events and issues of the community. Those companies who strive to be a supportive community partner can share information with local customers and possibly be part of a greater resource when looking for solutions to various public needs. Your company can be ones to relay to other citizens how “all” can contribute to the welfare of the community.

Should your organization find itself needing to reduce their workforce, Compass Career Management Solutions can be hired by the company to help those required to go through a career transition. A company, who employes an expert firm like Compass Career Management to help their affected workforce, sends a message to the community that they CARE about their people.

Is your company a “Supportive Community Partner”? This information should paint a clear image of a “Company Who Cares”!

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