How To Effectively (Respectfully) Manage To Release Employees

No employer likes to release employees, and yet it is not uncommon to handle this in any business.  Losing a job is a very emotional experience for both sides of this situation, though the pain and stress of this event is usually harder for the person being released, as afterwards they will face telling their families or loved ones.  Then they will be unemployed and seeking another job as well as coping with the financial burdens.  Most employers and/or managers are fully aware of this, plus they feel tremendous stress as they prepare to inform the employee.  (Though poorly handled transitions can even become violent!)  A critical point is to note that there needs to be clear, substantial planning and thought before doing anything.

No matter how the messenger handles the negative news, the look of the released employee and others, who are present, see the expression of pain experienced.

With that, you know that you are responsible for “jerking the rug out from under that person’s life.”  It is not an experience that you will want to remember and hope not to do it again, but chances are you will face this task more times than you care to do.  No one wants this to happen, but it does.

As the media makes the public aware of the repercussions of releasing employees, it also uncovers an even deeper impact — as your actions will then be passed onto that employee’s family.  The pain is like an arrow that shoots through the employee and then onto his or her loved ones.  However, there are ways and alternatives that could reduce the pain and divert more efforts on a more productive process, which can benefit the affected employee.  There are no guarantees, but often this can help.

One of the best ways to counter this negative experience is to provide a positive solution, where the employer can supply a constructive resource (an outplacement firm) to help that released employee to reconstruct and develop their career paths, which can assist the individual with a productive job search process.  A key factor is using a professional, experienced Outplacement firm, who incorporates encouragement, alternatives, and credible resources to assist those employees.  (Showing they care!)

Such firms as Compass Career Management Solutions has 25 years of effective and strategic experience that can benefit those employees.  (We work closely with management to try and reduce stress, be respectful, listen closely, and provide encouragement during difficult times.)  Compass Career Management Solutions is genuinely passionate in helping companies who care.  Visit our website ( and let us assist you.


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