With 45-60 people moving into the Charlotte Metro each day, job openings will disappear before they are barely posted.  More companies are relocating or adding facilities here as well, but it is a race as which is happening faster: development of job openings or the arrival of job candidates?

Charlotte has many excellent traits, offerings, and natural resources to meet the needs of the public, which attribute to our growing population.  However, the job market is still very competitive.  A job seeker, even with great credentials and experience, is competing with equal or better candidates — some with more current training or experienced in an advanced area of expertise.

A key to successful job searches can include candidates with a clear vision of career goals, possessing lots of good work experience, demonstrating excellent judgment, and exposed to a variety of useful volunteer experiences.

“Executives in Transition” is a venue to educate and inform job candidates in order that they can convey a clear understanding of their own capabilities, as well as provide a credible document of his/her skills and experiences.  Compass Career Management Solutions is an experienced Career & Business Transition firm with over 25 years of service in the business community – here and 34 other states.  We are NOT a placement service, rather we teach and coach individuals on how to successfully manage a Career Transition.

Click on this link to register NOW for our next session:  https://www.compasscareer.com/events/transitioning-executives/

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