As More Executives Exit, Are Companies Investing a Stronger Initiative to Train New Leaders?

Leaders are developed like mounds of Clay – molded and crafted of Good Character, Open Minds, Discipline, and High Integrity

After 25 years in business, and having been fortunate to have met so many excellent and successful business leaders during that time, I have noticed the past 2-3 years that more and more of those executives are exiting to enjoy their Retirement. However, the ratio of new leaders being trained for senior positions are much smaller. Yes, some of the replacements have come from other companies, where they have been given credible experience and training, but many companies are far from a majority. In fact, many of the junior associates and younger have voiced concern that they lack confidence in these new leaders.

The business world continues to be more and more competitive, and technology has been one big source for a business to excel. Of course, that is understandable, and yet there needs to be a kind of leadership, which includes an in-depth knowledge of strategic planning, strong communication skills, ability to develop and motivate people, creative use of artificial intelligence, experience in global development, financial strategy, and more.

Some companies and work cultures are more cognizant of the value and importance of extensive training and exposure to alternative ideas and theories. Not all experience proves to be productive, but sometimes exposing promising leaders to a combination of practical processes and unusual programs can lead to unique solutions for a variety of challenges. Plus companies should remember that each person has experienced different and a variety of situations and opportunities; therefore, when training these people, it could be very wise to use multiple levels of and mixture of programs in order to provide a deeper composition of training experiences for the various candidates.

A Leadership Training Program seldom is successful if it is designed as a “one-size fits all”. Each leader will usually have different strengths and weaknesses in different areas. With a program that is comprised of a mix of lessons, areas, complexities, etc., it is more apt to be successful with more candidates. Length of time used for this training will likely vary as well. For these reasons, a more flexible and diverse Leadership Training Program has a better chance to succeed.

Compass Career Management Solutions has worked with a wide variety of industries and expertise, which has positioned us to be successful in most situations. Of course, one important factor to its success is having a clear understanding of a company’s expectations. There are some occasions when a business’ expectations can’t be met if the people involved and the scenario won’t allow for any flexibility. Still, if a company can understand and accept that some factors won’t change, there still may be ways to help them be as successful as possible.

No scenario/business/candidate is perfect, nor is there a magic wand for anyone to use. The key is to look at your organization and identify what future goals you have for them, then look at your prospective leaders, giving them an opportunity to be developed into strong, strategic, creative leaders, and allowing for some flexibility — then the future for your organization has the “sky as the limit”. A BIG mistake is when companies do NOT allow enough training time for their future leaders. It is important to remember to allow plenty of time to develop those candidates to their full potential. A human being needs a chance to learn, experiment with new tools/skills, be exposed to multiple scenarios, and have support of the organization. Nothing worthwhile happens over-night. Compass Career Management Solutions has the track record and exposure to help your organization flourish.

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