Leaders Should Be Respectful to Others

Credible Organizations need competent Leaders to deliver Excellent Service & Products for Others

At different times our country (and the world) have encountered concerns regarding different industries, who experience more challenges due to different circumstances. When our world was going into a new century (from the late 1990’s to 2000), much of technology seemed to be at risk, though the anticipation was worse than the actual transition. The many “nay-sayers” warned of devastating events and even catastrophic scenarios. It seemed the fear of a major change or anticipation of the unknown can cause more unrest and worry than the actual event.

Technology, scientific/weather occurrences, medical or health issues are all areas that can stir the emotions of our global communities more than others. Some of our more recent concerns include Duke Energy as more power outages take place, and there is some concern about the emission of bad gases, or if the release of coal ash could be a cause to some citizens’ health problems. As dependent as the public is to Duke Energy’s business, the last thing anyone would want is for Duke Energy to be hit with serious claims or negative actions taken.

As companies grow and become a major player in any community or region, it is critical for that company’s leaders to take responsibility for all processes, including the hiring of qualified, competent employees, and to be sure that no changes should be rushed but to be clear about what is expected of them. Good training and refraining from taking short-cuts are both priorities.

Other areas that require caution and close observation include anything that involves the area’s air, water, food supply, etc, Of course, these cautionary areas indirectly include the medical and health industries. It is so important that all high priority areas are maintained. Before any company or industry is scrutinized unfairly, allow sufficient time for experts to review and examine an organization’s maintaining a healthy work environment.

Changes can be processed promptly once all are sure that they will be and act responsibly. The key word during these many transitions is “responsible”, and to be responsible will lead your organization to a successful future.

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