Integrity is One’s Moral Compass

For decades the public has seen and heard of some very questionable actions and behaviors of not just political leaders, but business leaders, religious leaders, community organization leaders, educational leaders, and even parents. It is no wonder many young adults and older youths are questioning what does the future hold. Although as one who grew up with other Baby Boomers, many of our generation felt the same. However, the choice is clear — that we all must do all we can to make this a better place, which includes selecting all leaders with good character and strong wills.

Hopefully, most in our community had responsible, high-integrity parents as I did. When I went from being an employee to a business owner, I had one hard lesson after another as each decision was seldom a clear black-white situation. There seemed to always be factors that complicated the scenario. Choosing one might benefit some, but it also would harm others. No choice was perfect or good for all. And that is what most leaders face each day.

Still, we can’t put our heads in the sand either. When in the leadership position, a person must make sure to get all the facts and weigh which might do the best for more, and is there a way to offset any harm to others? You can be sure that the decision is NOT easy or clear-cut. That is where a person must be one to have a strong sense of decision-making. They must have honest, intelligent resources who can provide the best information and facts for these difficult decisions.

Once a leader makes a decision, he/she must trust in his/her own judgment. Being a leader is a HUGE responsibility. When we were young, you may have been anxious to become an adult (grown-up), but later, after being an adult and taking on those adult responsibilities, you may wonder if you didn’t have it easier as a child. Still, that is life. We all need to remember to be open to learn each day of our lives. There is always something new to learn. However, it is also important that we all take our adult responsibilities seriously. Each decision we make will often affect others. Making good decisions is a sign of good ethics and integrity. How do you feel about your decisions?

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