Improve Poor Communication & Benefit Your Business

Improve Communication


After hearing for years that “Communication” is the one big challenge of many organizations, Compass Career Management Solutions is ready and encouraging companies to tap into a half-day workshop that can “open communication” and resolve many of these murky, confusing and misleading glitches, which cause not only a riff among your workforce but also distracts them from production.

No more finger pointing to one generation or another.  The fact is our workforces are more diverse than ever, and human beings have different personalities, which can often become misunderstood.  There have been many books written about some of these differences, for instance, “Men are from Mars,…”.
That one only focuses on differences between men and women.

Our half-day workshop on “Effective Communication” addresses some top factors that can cause or interfere with human interactions.  The workplace is just one location where this happens.  Although when miscommunications occur at work, it can cause more problems, which affects more people.

Taking time to discuss this issue can help to avoid future headaches and improve employee relations.  This half-day workshop will open communication lines and “Benefit the Bottom Line”.  Learn of the statistics and insight why this workshop strengthens your workforces, and Improves the Company.

Multiple Ways That Poor Communication Impacts an Organization?

  1. Unclear expectations of employees’ tasks and goals
  2. Lack of good production and company outcomes – Lack of meeting goals.
  3. Employees feel disrespected, especially if reprimanded for poor work, lack of skills due to refusal of needed training, etc.
  4. Lack of trust when employers/leaders do not provide the needed support and lack of interest in helping employees to succeed in their positions.  Poor leadership.
  5. Discouraged employees tend to quit their jobs without the support needed = poor retention
  6. Could cause a loss of sales AND customers.
  7. Failure of delivery of service/products could compromised
  8. Could result in collapse of negotiation of deal/sales.
  9. Deadlines could be missed.
  10. Opportunities could be overlooked or missed.
  11. Increased tension in the workplace
  12. Lack of discipline