The Importance of Strategic Planning when Preparing for Future Growth

Be a Supportive Community Partner by Providing Strategic Planning
Having moved to Charlotte in the fall of 1980, I can tell you that many of the city planners didn’t have a good understanding of what people wanted who moved here at that time. The Raintree subdivision (residential) was in its early stages, and we were being told by realtors that the city really didn’t want to build out that way any further. There was very little building driving out route 51 beyond Raintree subdivision.

In fact, there were certain streets which were built so far, and when the builders ran into a stream or creek, the street would come to a sudden end. Of course, later land developers found ways to tackle this transition, and of course, more was built further on route 51, which brought the Arboretum and more. Though Charlotte may had tried to discourage people from moving in a certain direction, as you now see, people don’t like being told “no”.

The same holds true for businesses. If a company chooses to move into our Metro, and they have specific ideas about their prospective structure or want to allow for a large workforce and/or parking, etc., they will likely have a “strategic plan” how to accomplish their goals. The more homework and research the company has done ahead, the better chance they can come to the community with ideas and resources to help accomplish their goals.

The better prepared a business is to understand an area and their own set of obstacles, as well as having located competent and capable experts and problem solvers, the better chance positive and successful outcomes can be attained. It is when a group of arrogant, stubborn, and inflexible businesspersons come to a community making excessive demands that problems arise. Companies should see themselves as “community partners”, being willing to help and support their new “home”. A community will be more successful when all are respectful of each other.

Therefore, all companies (new and existing) should include clear, strategic planning, as they prepare to join a community or if preparing to grow or expand their existing business. The more research and insight you attain, the better chance that your organization will be able to successfully succeed, as well as make a valuable contribution to the community. It seems that Charlotte is still drawing more and more citizens to our Queen City! On average around 50-60+ are moving here!

It seems obvious that Charlotte will continue to grow. Consequently, if you are part of an organization interested in being a part of this thriving Metro, the information in this blog provides good advice for such an effort. Companies are hiring many each day. Why should some employees work for you?