April 1994 – April 2019
Happy 25th Anniversary

Many people have “turning points” in their lives. Bill and I came to our crossroads in the fall of 1988. After working for The Kroger Co. for 20+ years and managing the closing of the Kroger Carolina District, Bill experienced a five-year journey involving three jobs. He concluded that no other position was as rewarding as his time with Kroger. In 5 years he dealt with serious unprofessional behavior and integrity issues. Serious concerns were factors in deciding to become “business owners”, with Outplacement as our focus.

Opening our business in 1994 positioned us to return to Charlotte, NC, which was important to us. With Bill receiving such thorough training and experience as a human resources professional, he believed he could be an HR coach and advisor as an on-site professional, equipped to assist an organization with transitions. He also saw my strengths were well suited to build the foundation of our business, organizing the basis for an efficient, productive human resources business, as well as skilled to accomplish business development. With that, I accepted the position of CEO, while Bill chose to be President. The fact was we both were passionate about helping organizations & individuals with business & career transitions. (Our tag line reflects our perspective.)

After 7 years as owners and working with an extensive list of businesses and industries, we hired a marketing firm to interview our past clients so to create a more descriptive business name for us. Though a bit lengthy, our clients chose “Compass Career Management Solutions” – as we provided “direction”, helped to educate and identify more fitting “careers”, partnered with “management”, and created effective “solutions”.

We continue to stay informed and current on the many areas of Human Resources. We believe it is also important to keep up about changes in business. New strategies and tools were learned to stay current as effective advisors to our clients. We also work on building a wide network of relationships strengthen our credibility, which can benefit others. Our focus became more about “change” crossing all businesses and industries. We strive to help with unexpected transitions and try to bring about brighter futures.

Bill and I sincerely value those clients who recognize our firm as a credible resource, benefitting all those affected. Instead of “walking away” from a negative situation, our clients tap into our skills and creative solutions to do what’s best for all concerned. Our clients CARE about their people and organizations! Therefore, Bill and I thank all those employers and individuals, who have allowed us to do what we can to help you. ; 704-849-2500