With the Majority of Employees Expressing a Major Concern About Communication, Why Aren’t More Employers Responding?

Respond to the Needs

Employers, Are You Listening to Your Employees?

For years employees have voiced a strong concern about “poor communication” in their organizations. I’ve even had many company management echoing this concern, and yet companies and organizations do NOT seek out or hire experts to address this topic. “COMMUNICATION” touches all industries (businesses, non-profits, educational venues, skilled labor, etc.), as well as different departments, etc. Without “effective communication” any organization will suffer and experience lapses in meeting their full potential. Production, efficiency, quality control, financial goals/budgets, customer and workforce retention, etc. will all be harmed when communication is not efficiently practiced. The result can be the end of a business.

There are many good things happening in business the last couple of years, including the increase in diversity. This does have a double-sided element. Diversity adds more skills and abilities to an organization, but it also includes many differences that involve communication, which can complicate procedures and increase confusion, adding snags that cause delays. The snags could be “misunderstandings or miscommunication”, etc.

Another factor in today’s business world is that though some employers have as many as five generations in their workforces, there is a large number of older employees who are eligible to retire. Unfortunately, many employees are not being trained effectively. The employees are sharing observations of poor management/leadership, which causes workers to lack confidence in their superiors. Strong and effective leadership training is another area affected by poor communication.

Employers are encouraged to acknowledge these short comings and weaknesses and to select credible professionals to address these matters with their workforce. Compass Career Management Solutions is an experienced and effective Transitional Firm, who can train and empower your employees to be their best. Don’t ignore or delay the need of effective assistance. Invest in your valuable resource: your workforce TODAY!

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