What Are You Doing to Nurture Our Future Generations?

Future Generations

When I went to college (back in the “dark ages”), and we asked our college counselors what career to choose, we were told, “Oh, don’t worry about that now.  The first year or two of college are general courses, so you have time to ‘figure’ that out.”  I thought that was ridiculous then, and yet that is still what many college counselors are saying!

As one who helps people to review and evaluate their career goals when they find themselves in a career transition, I encourage them to research and explore what all is out there and get in touch with the strengths, skills, preferences, etc. now.  Talk with a Career Coach, who can help you identify your many skills, experiences, talent, interests, and then meet or talk with others in areas, which you find of interest.  A profession may sound interesting, but once you talk with someone in that field or shadow them, you may find that it isn’t what you expected.  Does it match your personality?  Do you LIKE the work involved?  Are you effective in that line of work?  Will the salary be sufficient?

There are lots of factors to each profession and career.  The work and procedures involved, the length of the process, what unexpected events happen in the process, the work conditions, etc.  You may know how to plant a flower or a vegetable, but that doesn’t make you a farmer.  You may know the differences in wood and value the products made with them, but could you be a furniture maker?  You may like to eat, but that doesn’t make you a potential chef.

Parents, teachers, scout leaders, coaches, etc. all spend a lot of time with children.  What are you doing to educate and inform them about all the career possibilities?  And each year more careers are developed.  MANY communities are desperate for “skilled labor”, who can make very good salaries.  Look at what occupations are in demand now and in the future.  Open their eyes and minds.  Encourage them to “explore”.

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