Balancing Two Sides

Being Aware of Both Sides to make Both Winners

Both employees and employers have specific priorities that each seeks in the other as partners in an employment relationship.  If each can be honest about these, as well as make a conscious effort to sincerely agree and meet these expectations, their working relationship should be a win-win.  Let’s look a t each of their priority lists:

Employer’s “Wish” List include: 1) That the candidate honestly possesses the required skills, experience, and education; 2) The candidate has a clean background with a genuine drive to do a good job; 3)  There are no surprises regarding the employee’s background; 4) That the candidate is honest and hard working; and 5) that this new candidate is not only competent but strives to meet, if not excels, in this new job.

As for what an Employee rates as a priority in a new position includes: 1) to  be hired by a Dependable and Resourceful employer; 2) that the employer also be a supportive and high integrity firm; 3) for management to encourage the co-workers to demonstrate a common and mutual respect for each other,  4) for the work environment to promote accountability and 5) for the business leader to find multiple ways to strengthen and develop the employees’ skills and capabilities.

No person or employer is perfect, but all are encouraged to be upfront, honest, and to do   their best.  As the old “Golden Rule” says, “treat others as you would like others to treat you.  Over time you will identify what rules and priorities are most important to you.

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