Be Proactive Re: Violence in the Workplace

violence in the workplace

As violence continues to escalate in every setting imaginable across the United States, employers need to give more serious attention to this growing concern.  Schools and colleges, manufacturing firms, movie theaters, offices, hotels, etc. are all vulnerable, and it is doubtful that many employers have a solid understanding of how to handle volatile or sensitive situations involving employees.  With employers, who can be inconsiderate or exhibit disrespectful behavior towards employees, in time the workforce could likely experience hostile feelings and even acting on them.


Stress and emotions seem to be only growing throughout our communities.  Therefore, with added unpleasant or condescending behavior, it wouldn’t take much for a person to feel pushed over the edge and react in anger.  No one likes being teased or taunted, much less embarrassed in front of others.


You might think that an employer could hire strong security guards, who could manage any angry employee, but this is not a valid reason to assure a safe work environment.  As has been proven by actual fairly recent violent situations, it is possible that a single individual could accomplish a very violent act with security present or not.


Wouldn’t it be worth the safety of all workforces and work environments to have credible and experienced safety and human resources professionals to review and evaluate the status of your workforces and to coach and train your organization on how to be more respectful, improve communication, and to strengthen your workforce culture?


It isn’t the guns or weapons that cause the violent behavior and actions, but it IS human behavior.  This CAN be improved.  Humans are not perfect, but humans can reason and learn to be more respectful, understanding, and peaceful.  Compass Career Management Solutions are human resources professionals, who help with workforce challenges and transitions.  We also are a good resource for additional experts, who can assist our clients.  Don’t wait for a serious problem to erupt!  Talk to us now about how to defuse or avoid violent behavior in your workplace.  Your employees are worth it!