Encourage Accountability

By Being Accountable for Your Responsibilities Clearly Indicates that You are a Person of High Integrity

Being accountable for one’s actions and behavior means taking responsibility for what you say and do.  When you are a child, you may not be expected to be responsible for your behavior, but as you become older, that changes.  Others may DEPEND on you and need for you to handle certain tasks.

Responsibilities that we promise to handle carry “consequences”.  Some consequences could be more painful than others.  A serious example is “if you drink alcohol and then drive a car, you could cause damage to property or bodily injuries, or worse.  Therefore, if you are arrested for “driving under the influence”, and you cause considerable property damage, your consequence could be substantial, and rightly so.

If you drink alcohol, drive a car, and seriously injure a person (or kill them), the consequences will be extremely serious (time in prison or worse).  These tough consequences are in place to try to discourage individuals from participating in such dangerous and life-threatening actions.

In business, there are numerous business persons who do not take their responsibilities as seriously as they should.  If legal steps are skipped, documents not signed, payments not made, promises not kept, etc., this is extremely unacceptable and unprofessional, and those who were given these responsibilities and refused to be accountable WILL have to face all consequences.

It is believed that too many young adults are not held to the standards that others have had in the past.  The fact is all adults need to understand and accept all responsibilities and be held accountable.  Every person, who is given the freedoms and benefits of fellow citizens, should also take this seriously.  No one should have a “free ride”, but instead should carry their own weight and be responsible for themselves.

If you want the freedoms of other adults, then you should carry your fair share of the weight and be responsible.

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