Key Issues that Employers are Encouraged to Address

Integrity is Everything

Company Leaders are aware of many issues that face businesses, that can cause negative consequences as well as cost large amounts of expenses.  An employer has many balls in the air, and often it is a matter of which ones require more immediate attention or could cause bigger risks.  They gather the facts and research a situation to determine which issue to tackle first.  At the end of the day, each employer is responsible to decide which matter to address first, etc.  Here are three concerns that we at Compass Career Management Solutions consider the top ones, though note that others can move up quickly, depending on new events.  These are not ranked in specific order but only to say they are big concerns.

  1. VIOLENCE IN THE WORKPLACE: Such events come about in reaction to different events and situations.  A person (employee, client, customer, etc.) can become frustrated or upset due to numerous possibilities: poor service, promises not kept, unacceptable quality of product or service, rude or disrespectful behavior by an employee, disrespectful to co-worker, sexual misbehavior, etc.  If any of these or other actions take place, and either no report is made, OR if a report is made, and the business doesn’t respond appropriately or quickly, emotions can grow, and anger can lead to violence.  (Poor communication, lack of respect and no support are big factors.
  2. EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP TRAINING FOR BETTER LEADERS:  Charlotte has been fortunate to have so many well-educated professionals attracted to our Metro.  However, colleges and other experience can teach only so much about being an “effective leader”.  Even our diversity is appreciated, but a credible training program is not one where “one size fits all”.  A successful Leader requires some natural traits of his/her own, then add practical lessons that deal with “the human factor”, including a LOT about communication.  A Leader needs other skills that come from experience.  It is wise for a credible Leadership Program to include some flexibility.  Employees need Leaders they can TRUST! (Employees complain they don’t have confidence in leaders.)
  3. A DESPERATE NEED FOR TRAINING: When talking with employees about ongoing needs in most organizations, the response is loud and clear, THEY WANT TRAINING!  Whether it be Customer Service Training, Communication Training, Team Building, Supervisory Training, employees want to grow and learn!  They want employers to invest in them.  They want their support!

There are steps that can be taken to avoid BAD scenarios.  Compass Career Management Solutions are professionals in Managing Transitioning Businesses and their Workforces.; 704-849-2500


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