A True Leader Exhibits Exceptional Integrity
Employees Needs Trustworthy & Experienced Leaders

Think of the best business leader you ever had.  What made them so helpful and effective?  Did they make it easy for you?  Were they extremely friendly and acted more like your “friend” than your superior?  What did you learn from this Leader?

There are different kinds of “Leaders”, but seldom does a “leader” who acts like your buddy or friend actually teach you to be better or improve your capabilities.  Learning new skills, becoming more efficient and successful isn’t easy.  It usually takes lots of hard work and perseverance.  Therefore, an “effective Leader” usually needs to be adamant about doing his/her “best”, working harder, and repeating exercises and lessons over and over again.  With a concentration level that forces you to be exact and deliberate in your efforts and skills, REAL progress and successful results can be reached.

In addition, a prospective Leader MUST also have excellent character traits, as well as be determined and driven to be his/her best.  PLUS a prospective leader should definitely WANT to become a LEADER!  If the commitment isn’t there, the person will either not become a Leader, or be a weak Leader.  Some people are just NOT really interested in becoming a leader of others.

Listen to hear those Leadership Candidates say, “I WANT to be a Leader!”  If the enthusiasm isn’t in his/her voice, chances are it is not their priority.  Maybe even ask them directly, “are you sure you want to be a LEADER?”  And “why?”  Those who are focused on becoming a “good leader” should stand out from the others.  Compass Career Management Solutions are experts in guiding and teaching those prospects to be their best!  (www.compasscareer.com)