Addressing the Many Scenarios of Change

When Compass Career Management Solutions began in 1994, most businesses and employers considered displacement, downsizings, facility closures as the definition of “Change in Business”.  However, over time the “Faces of Change” have taken many different images.

Examples may include 1) Increased Diverse Workforces; 2) Generation and Cultural Factors affecting Workplace Behavior; 3) Attitudes, Ethics, and Values of New Generations/Cultures observing a lack of trustworthiness in Leadership; 4) the need of Awareness and Understanding of Alternative Life Styles and Choices of Physical/Emotional Beings; as well as other dimensions developing and becoming factors to changes in our workforces and business world.  Bottom Line: Our workplaces and workforces are changing, and many leaders and managers are not prepared how to handle them.

With these new and different versions of “Change or Transitions”, more businesses find it harder to determine how to address them.  Not only are employers concerned from a legal perspective but also how to maintain a positive work environment, not to mention the possibility of losing good employees.

Employers are encouraged to consider the value and positive outcomes by using “Transition Experts”.  Change, though it occurs more times than not, is still a challenge for most people.  Depending on the specific circumstances, there are different approaches to addressing your scenario.  Managing Change of a situation should begin with a LOT OF LISTENING, and then comes the need for responding to what they say and their concerns.

So often employers hear that “the loss of an employee also includes the loss of all the money used to “train” an employee.  Though some of this is true, change/transitions respond and benefit best with the use of training!  Yet the most important key for employers who face CHANGE is to hire and tap into a Transition Expert.  This is critical to the success of a business.  Talk to Compass Career Management Solutions when anticipating future transitions, and learn to use their expertise for a better outcome.  704-849-2500.  Robyn Crigger, CEO.

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