Don’t Overlook a Critical Tip to Grow Your Business

professional networking


Before anyone came up with the phrase “networking”, it was considered an expected part of doing and growing business to mingle and converse with fellow business associates, where each could 1) learn more from each other, as well as 2) build stronger business relationships – and even 3) gain business through these relaxed exchanges.

The fact is getting out and networking with your professional colleagues is still one of the best ways to 1) LEARN from each other, 2) ENRICH your business relationships, and 3) ATTAIN more or new business while socially mixing with valuable, credible business colleagues.  And YET many employers are no longer encouraging the attendance of such venues OR financially supporting their company representatives for attending business-focused events, where they could learn of new and proven resources, tools, etc. that could BENEFIT their companies.

If employers would only stop and think about the benefits of attending these events, they would realize how beneficial they are.  Whether the event is a monthly lunch meeting or an annual conference for a specific profession or industry, all can be exceedingly valuable.  The old saying that “you need to spend money to make money” can be true – especially in this situation.

If your employee is attending a conference or is exhibiting or sponsoring an event, the thought of connecting with dozens or hundreds of professionals at one location is more valuable than any day’s worth of cold calling.  Remember, your employee is not only meeting others but also has the opportunity to learn of new ideas, processes, tools, etc.  Take advantage of such professional settings and learn to maximize the potential.; 704-849-2500

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