Efficient Team Building

An Effective, Well-Trained Team

This fall the North Carolina Society of Human Resources Management (NC SHRM) is focusing on “collaboration” at this year’s annual conference, as it is so important and pivotal to the efficiency and productivity of an organization.  Without “Team Work” a workforce is just a group of individuals doing his or her own thing, but working together and in tandem they become a united, interactive “machine” or muscle, which is able to produce results and/or accomplish goals that weren’t possible individually.

Obviously, this doesn’t happen overnight or without some deliberate planning and efforts to position an organization to have this capability.   An employer can hire some good, talented people, but the planning must begin before this.  The “power of collaboration” cannot take place without the basic steps:

  1. Even before a “plan” can be drafted, all must agree to the goals of this organization.  Everyone must be clear and in agreement of these goals.
  2. Next each of the “team” needs to be willing to handle his/her specific role and task.  Each person MUST be accountable for not only completing the task but doing it accurately.
  3. As a part of the PLAN, each person must agree to the process being used and be absolutely clear of what is expected of each individual.  In order for this to occur, there needs to be good communication at all times.  Good Communication is a top priority in being successful.
  4. In order to work well as a TEAM, each person is encouraged to know other team members well — be respectful, sensitive, and supportive of each other.  Understand each other’s work ethics, priorities, preferences, as well as dislikes or irritations.  The better you know and respect each other, the better you will work together.  (This is a major factor in collaboration.)

The fact is in order to develop a strong and successful team, an Effective Team Building Session is highly recommended.  You are encouraged to select an experienced, credible human resources firm, who possess the professionalism that will produce a top-notch, successful Team.