Today’s Changes: Some of the Same, Additional and Different

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CHANGE is something that is actually constant, though different. In the 1980’s and 1990’s change in business was typically downsizings or closings, involving the reduction of a workforce, though these could also include acquisitions or mergers. Whatever the overall transition, it affected dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of employees, not to mention customers and vendors.

Compass Career Management Solutions became seriously involved in these transitions, which took us into 35 states, as well as numerous industries. We approached any “change or transition” comprehensively, evaluating all aspects of an organization that was affected. With any change the company was expected to anticipate ramifications and consequences, developing strategic plans for proactive outcomes. Such changes could require Team Building or the Restructuring of Management Guidelines.

Today’s transitions need to address conflicts and miscommunication due to broader, more diverse workforces. These workforces contend with different cultures, ethnicities, religions, languages, etc. One area that has developed is in response to the exiting of our more mature employees, as many of the younger employees lack the experience and training of heavier responsibilities of leadership roles. Add to this, ongoing changes in technology and economic/global changes, leaves most businesses experiencing even more stress. Businesses and their leaders today will face growing stress and will require the need for more strategic planning. They need not tackle this alone.

All organizations are encouraged to be as proactive and progressive as possible and learn to solicit the support of credible experts. The more a business puts off addressing concerns, the more difficult problems will become.; 704-849-2500

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