Leaders need training and insight
Leaders are developed like mounds of Clay – molded and crafted of Good Character, Open Minds, Discipline, and High Integrity

There are many concerns globally that could have repercussions on our nation, though no one has a crystal ball to tell the future.  Some countries seem to be flexing their muscles or trying to ruffle our feathers, to see what the United States would do if pressured enough.

There have been threats of nuclear bombing, shooting down of drones, or drones being flown in sensitive areas, planes to come down,  other threats of disrupting the transit of oil/gas tankers, radicals trying to stir up trouble, people feeling forced out of areas in some countries, questionable actions by some politicians, and concerns about illegal aliens, etc.  We have even had an increase in shootings nationwide.  More situations stirring up fear for our citizens, much less national leaders to list them all.

There has even been talk about the possibility of another war, though we surely don’t want that to develop.  With all these issues floating about, most businesses still maintain a steady business flow, resulting in plenty of “help wanted” signs.

All these matters should encourage leaders today to examine your own “decision-making abilities”.  If you have never had a “heavy decision” to make, and/or have NOT had some strategic leadership and decision-making training, this would be a good time to arrange this.  The events occurring and the flare ups of emotions could nudge us into bigger problems.  Companies need to have some strategic and progressive plans in place.  Compass Career Management Solutions has helped many with this important area.  Give us a call and visit our website:; 704-849-2500.