Where Do You Stand on Accountability?

An area of concern being relayed by many employers and even college professors is the attitude and reduced commitment by employees and students when it comes to their reduced value of being accountable for their work and tasks. This is being reflected in their reduced interest for doing a good job with their classwork or efforts of their employment responsibilities. This is a major concern, which could affect most people.

Be Courageous and Take Pride in Yourself!
It has been noticed in many of the workforces today that more employees do not want to be “accountable” for their responsibilities or actions. This has also been true about today’s students. Many school systems have become so lax about classwork requirements, as well expectations of the students – with quite a few schools trying to make sure that no student “fails” regarding their classwork – often giving opportunities to “do-over” their work/assignments with extended time.

With this being the case, how can employers expect employees to do their work accurately. If students are being taught that a project or assignment will always have extended due dates, what kind of future workforces will we have taking care of the many life-depending services or manufactured products, etc.? All should be taught to do everything well and within a reasonable time frame. No one is perfect, but all should do their best.

In addition to our education systems, parents need to also take responsibility for teaching good work ethics to their children. It is so important to relay to our future generation the matter of taking pride in their efforts and work. What they produce and accomplish is a reflection on their standards. Whatever their role is in life, chances are, others are dependent upon the person doing a job well.

If making a ladder for a repairman to use on a job, the quality of and how stability of the ladder could directly affect the safety of that repairman. We all depend on a vast variety of tools and resources in our jobs. If an architect doesn’t measure accurately for the design of a building, who knows what consequences might transpire or injuries may result in even the smallest of tasks. This is also true with Lab Technicians.

Taking full responsibility and being accountable for each person’s role is so very critical. Parents, teachers, and employers should all take this matter seriously as this is a VERY weak link in the development of our future generations, that can cause much risk.

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