What Lines of Work Have Lowest Unemployment

Many college graduates are finding themselves having degrees in areas where there are few or no open positions. Selecting a career path for our new adult generation is becoming more challenging than ever. College students have been told for decades not to worry about selecting their college majors right away, as they have time to choose their majors in the future.

However, some careers are disappearing, while other careers are being creating. Today’s college-bound students need to do more research on which professions and careers are in more demand. It is also wise for students to become aware of what range of salaries for different positions provide. Students also need to gain insight into the cost of living and benefits that are needed for an individual. With this information a person should be able to determine the best career path for him/her.

Ten of the top careers/college majors in demand today with low unemployment include:

    • Electrical, Mechanical, and Precision Technologies/Production
    • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
    • Elementary Education
    • Biological Engineering
    • Zoology
    • Nursing
    • Animal Science
    • Architectural Engineering
    • Soil Science
    • Secondary Teaching Education

There are several other careers/majors that have low employment and are in demand. Students and College Graduates would be wise to research these and other careers to learn what types of work is involved in these college majors to understand which/if any might offer a good fit of a career. The use of a Career Coach can be a credible resource for this decision.

(Portions of Information Attained from Wall Street)
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