What Factors Enable One to Manage Change

With Wisdom, Leaders Value the Use of Appropriate Experts to Avoid Hardships

Change is a word that can stir up positive and negative connotations.  Some changes are welcomed and needed, helping to resolve challenges, while other changes can be costly and not seen as helpful.  What changes do you see in your industry?

Increased Diversity is usually welcomed by businesses, adding more skills and capabilities.  Although with more diversity can come different perspectives and opinions, which can increase disputes and conflicts.  Though some diversity can add new resolutions and choices to help address challenges.

New & Different Technology can provide more effective or faster programs that benefit many departments, organizations and industries.  Of course, along with new technology comes new processes and programs to learn, mistakes causing delays in one’s work, as well as “bugs in the new system” to get identified and corrected.  This adjustment period can cause delays, etc., which will test some peoples’ patience and cost a business money for extra work time getting the program online with other business processes.

Changes in Government Programs & Guidelines usually experience an increase in work hours, as the workforce learns the new programs, which causes another area where this extra work time involved.

Exiting Executives with Lack of Good Replacements is something many companies are tackling, as more of the Baby Boomers and others are choosing to retire.  Not having to replace senior execs for a long time has caused businesses to be lax about training for New Leaders.  Too many of the candidates do not have the experience, personality traits, or training.  This is a BIG expense for companies.

Economic Development can experience quick or sudden changes with little notice, causing a business to  be hit with unexpected expenses or risks.  Organizations need to be very vigilant and observant to make whatever adjustments are needed quickly.

Whatever changes your industry is facing, your leaders need to have a plan on what steps to take to secure your organization and accomplish a successful future.  When “transitions” do occur, you are encouraged to consider Compass Career Management Solutions as your credible and experienced “transition expert”.

Professionals in specific areas should be prepared at all times to alter their courses instantly.  Change can be a very good thing, but those in charge of managing such adjustments need to stay alert at all times and be prepared for making those needed changes immediately.

Decision Makers and Executives realize that their organizations depend on their alertness and being quick to respond.  All of their futures depend on that.

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