What if You Are the One Released From a Job?

Office workers sitting and waiting

Being “downsized, released, restructured” from a job is nothing new, and yet when it is YOU, it can be different than expected. Some go into shock – you might feel numb, never believing it would happen to you! Others become angry and resentful! (How dare they do this to me!) While others go into a state of depression – crying for days or weeks. Still others go into denial! After 25 years in this business, I have seen all of these, and some in a combination of emotions.

The fact is most of us identify ourselves with the position we hold. It is really understandable when most people automatically ask when meeting someone new, “what do you do for a living?” It is how we first get acquainted with others. Still it limits how we often see ourselves.

When growing up, I was the youngest of three children. As I entered school, teachers would say, “oh, you are Jane’s sister or Jim’s sister”, expecting me to be like them. However, each person has his or her own identity, and through our career, there often reflects some characteristics of who WE are.

Still, losing one’s job seems to be like the proverbial rug being jerked out from under you. Suddenly, you feel alone and insecure, unsure of who you are and what makes you special or of value. Uncertain why others might hire you. Through this transitional period, people don’t always think clearly or exhibit much self-confidence. A person who had been with a particular company or position for a long time can find this transition period to be very difficult and are uncertain who they really are, or what career path is really best for them. They are unsure of what to say to people.

With this in mind, those employers who provide the exiting employees with Outplacement Services are sincerely offering those employees one of the best benefits possible, which if the employee utilizes this professional transitional career support will eventually realize how valuable this assistance is. To give an employee cash in place of Outplacement Services is almost ALWAYS a waste of time and money. Professional Career Transition Assistance is a true investment in that employee’s future.

Accepting Outplacement Assistance is one of the most-wise decisions an employee can make. Most people spend very little time researching and exploring a good-fitting career for themselves. When caught in a business transition, any employee would be sharp to inquire about Outplacement Services when being downsized, etc. The Job Market, though having low unemployment, still has tons of people seeking good jobs, making the market VERY COMPETITIVE. A person needs lots of strategic research, exploring, good organization and marketing of oneself to have a chance for a really good job. Employers are encouraged to hire a transitional expert to assist those exiting employees.

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This is an experience no one wants, but it happens every day. Though an emotional experience for both sides of this event, the released employees will undoubtedly struggle with a series of emotions. The best thing an employer can do is to provide them with Outplacement Support by a professional transition expert, like Compass Career Management Solutions. The Job Search may still be difficult, but the assistance can allow the affected employee to regain self-confidence and a chance for a bright future.

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