If You Were Beginning Your Career, How Important Would Training Be to You

The Value of Training

Training is an Investment

Whether you have a college degree or received an associate degree or even certain professional certifications, until a person gets into his/her regular, full-time professional career, all the knowledge and data a person has retained is lacking the hands-on experience.  An internship can be very helpful, but even then the role of an intern has to be guided by an experienced professional, making sure the intern is doing each task exactly as it should be.

When I had an intern working in my office, I was glad to give someone a chance to try and use their education and knowledge in the “real business world”, but the fact is, the intern was awkward and unsure of how to actually put their knowledge to work for them.  Many times the tasks they did were done incorrectly, and I would have to do them over before giving the finished product to a client.  But how else are people to learn?

Classwork for adults need to include “hands-on experiences”, where the student or new employee can actually experience using the tools, programs, technology, etc.  Depending on how detailed or complicated the work is, a person needs to experience making mistakes and then determining how to do the work correctly.

In some business settings, supervisors and managers sometimes want to hover over the intern or new employee, making him/her feel more pressure, and then often the supervisor wants to do the task for that employee, BUT that is a BIG mistake.  A person learns by correcting his/her own mistakes.  (An overbearing manager will often cost the company a good employee. )

However, a good Trainer will explain and then show how to tackle the task correctly, but THEN leave it to the intern or new employee to do this over and over until he/she knows how to do it correctly.  An effective Trainer can often provide tips on easy ways to do some tasks, or show optional ways to approach this, one of which could work for some people.  There is usually more than one way to complete a project.

In any career and industry there are always new tasks, skills, or tools to learn.  Therefore, each person is wise to continue to keep themselves open to learning all the time.  The more current a person is in his/her line of work, the better.

All training is valuable, and all are encouraged to take advantage of these learning opportunities every chance you get.  Employers would be wise to offer effective training to their employees on a regular basis, which will enhance the businesses.  A TRUE investment, which will increase the Bottom Line!


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