man and womanWith Charlotte continuing to be such a draw for many people moving, some say we have approximately 60+ people moving to the Metro each day.  Imagine that in just 10 days, 600 people could be looking for a job.  In 30 days that would be 1800 people in a job search.  Obviously, not all of those coming may need a job, but you should get the idea that there could always be a need of more jobs in the Charlotte Metro.

Many in a Job Search get upset when applying for jobs and no one responds.  Read this short article to help you understand what could be happening.  The fact is anyone can be a part of a person’s “network” to listen for job opportunities, and most people say this is how they found a job.  Here are other insights.

The journey of a Job Search Candidate can be full of ups and downs, and some don’t understand the perspective of those in business, who are filling positions.  This experience can also be quite lengthy.    If you know someone in this situation, please be supportive.  Here are some insights that many Candidates do not understand:

  1. As one who has provided Outplacement Services for over 25 years, each released employee has probably had different experiences – just as each person is different and each business is different.  Therefore, some candidates may have very low confidence, feeling rejected or mistreated, etc. — where other candidates accept the circumstances and focus on constructive steps needed to locate and land the next position.  A positive mindset is important.
  2. One of the first tasks for the candidate is to determine a) what type of position he/she wants, b) what industry or employer, c) location, and other factors they want.  (Most employers won’t take a candidate seriously if he/she don’t know what they want to do.)  A BIG Flag!
  3. Once the candidate knows what kind of work he/she want, they can either target, research, and select companies, OR use other sources to help them find a possible job fit.  These include: a) Staffing firms, b) Recruiters/Search firms, c) Apply for jobs “on-line”, d) Attend Job Fairs, e) Use other Job Posting venues, etc.  (The BIG difference between targeting and selecting your own targets VS use a Job Search Vendor is that YOU would be in charge of your selections, where the other Job Search Resources would be in charge AND you would be one among hundreds & hundreds of other Job Candidates.) 
  4. Another challenge for Job Candidates is that even when they reach out to a company or a Job Search resource, all of these receive hundreds, if not thousands of resumes/applications daily.  Though it would be polite for all of these recipients to respond to your interest, it is impossible to do.  Chances are most recruiters and placement representatives will go through resumes and applications until they find a match for their openings.  Therefore, it is unlikely that you will get a call unless there is an interest on their part.  You might be ahead to call and see if someone received your resume/application.  (Understandably, job candidates feel that their efforts have fallen into a “black hole”, but it is a matter of an impossible task to call all candidates.)
  5. Even if you are one to be called for an interview, depending on how many applicants a company interviews, you still may not hear that you were not selected.  Again, many companies are so busy filling positions that they do not post those not chosen.
  6. The more the Job Search Candidate manages his/her own job search, the more they will be aware of their status.  It requires much organization and perseverance.(Compass Career Management is an HR firm assisting with transitions.); 704-849-2500