What Makes a Job Search So Difficult?

If you think that a Job Search should be a “piece of cake” these days with low unemployment and so much available with the internet, THINK AGAIN!!!

First of all, there are LOTS of competition.  In the Charlotte Metro, we have 60+ people moving here each day!  Therefore, any position posted on the internet can draw hundreds if not thousands of applicants.  A majority may not even qualify for the posted position, and those are immediately discarded.  This whole process can be very impersonal, and many candidates are disqualified just by the electronic screening system.  Then phone interviews are usually the next step to screen the next group.  After company recruiters start this portion of the process, a match may be found, who meets the minimum requirements before even coming to your application or any others.

Some still think the length of a resume must be restricted to one page.  Though your resume still shouldn’t be any longer than is necessary, a two-page resume is more common and can usually provide adequate information about the candidate – just be sure all is accurate.  Also, your resume should relay that you are absolutely sure and clear about the position you are seeking.

Since a phone interview is often the next step, provide the phone number that is more accessible for reaching you.  Have a professional voice mail message (briefly offering your name to confirm the company has reached the correct phone number), and check messages often and respond quickly.  Don’t answer with your mouth full of food or gum.  Speak clearly and distinctly with short, direct answers to questions.  Note the name of the caller and get his/her phone number in case it is needed later.  (If you are not available for the call, you may not receive another.)

A person is wise by approaching his/her job search strategically, being sure of the position he/she wants and is strongly capable in that role, and is wise to be current in that position.  One should research a company thoroughly before applying and interviewing.  A candidate will be scrutinized about all aspects.  You must be on “top of your game”.  That includes your entire appearance from head to toe when meeting the company.  A Job Search is very competitive!  A wise job search candidate should consider a Career Coach.

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