What is More Pressing in Business: Politics, Economical Events, or Increased Workplace Violence?

A Wise Employer Grasps The Priorities of a Business

Be Aware of Major Concerns of Business & Address Them

There are numerous concerns in business today, and more will develop with time.  The political issues being discussed seem to get a lot of people worked up, which includes “what is our Congress doing about the increasing costs of healthcare?”  Health Insurance costs have become outrageous!  Not to mention the costs of medications!  It seems our legislature would rather debate Trump’s income taxes, etc., than do something about the citizens’ unaffordable healthcare!  Congress doesn’t seem to have their priorities in the right order.  Aren’t they suppose to be in Congress to take care of the citizens?

Then there are concerns about the U.S. and Global Economy.  What can be done to encourage a stable economy?  Our nation needs clear, rational guidance to help businesses keep steady production, as well as encourage growth.  It would seem a strategic, progressive financial adviser could provide the needed insight and knowledge to steer our nation and its businesses in the best direction for growth and empowerment.  Surely there is someone in our nation who has the experience and insight to navigate the best course that would lead us into a more secure direction.

Then there are the increasing serious acts of violence in all types of workplaces, which have taken many lives and made so many industries and facilities feel so vulnerable.  These extreme acts of violence have shown up in manufacturing firms to schools/colleges to shopping malls to airports, restaurants, offices, night clubs, etc.  No one feels safe.  The debate goes on to decide whether to give up going out in the public while trying to feel protected – OR begin to carry your own weapon?  For every person choosing to keep a gun, others will also have one as well.

I believe these acts of violence will continue to occur, and that others will lose their lives, as most people refuse to stay indoors – nor should we.  However, those people going out will be risking their lives.

No doubt, you will think of other concerns or issues.  When you do, give thought to what employers can do to improve their employees’ work experience.   Perhaps you can ask your employees for their input.  If you have real concerns, share them with your legislators.

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