Employers Who Find Themselves Releasing Employees

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One of the worst tasks of employers is finding themselves facing a downsizing or with the necessity of releasing employees due to no fault of their own.  Yes, you hear that “business is business”, and that “it’s not really personal”, but releasing an employee, who has been doing his or her job is a very painful experience for any employee.  The business or organization may require this to be done, but giving this notice to employees will be hard to do and hard to hear.

No, there is no magic wand for this task, but by providing those employees with a professional transition coach to help them take the necessary steps that will position them for other job opportunities DOES help!  It guides them to accomplish a successful job search and can actually reduce the emotional trauma, though this may take some time via coaching.

A Job Search today must be well organized, with a strategic plan of what that employee wants to do and has the skills and experience to do a good job.  A job search is very competitive under-taking and needs to use specific advice and follow it well in order to have a good chance of putting one’s “best foot forward”.

Compass Career Management Solutions has helped many companies and employees through such an experience.  A Career Transition is NOT easy, and the candidate must be focused, well organized, and committed to follow the advice of his/her Career Coach – and still there is NO guarantee.  Still, the process used has proven to be effective, BUT the Job Candidate must know what position would be a good fit, and to also be open to explore alternative jobs that would still use the candidate’s skills, education, and personality.

Hiring a professional to assist both the Releasing Employer as well as the Released Employee substantially benefits both parties.  It helps that employer to professionally manage an unpleasant task, while providing credible and responsible support to the affected employee.  Though some employees may suggest that they be given the money used on the coach, this has generally proven not to be effective or successful.  Give Compass Career Management Solutions serious consideration, and be assured that this professional fee a wise choice and investment.  Contact Robyn or Bill Crigger (CEO and President, respectively) at 704-849-2500 as well as visiting their website: www.compasscareer.com.