It is So Important to Think of Others


Provide a Positive Image

Being Pleasant & Encouraging leads to Peaceful Harmony

Everyone has a lot on their plates, and it is very easy to feel overwhelmed.  However, the fact is there are many with even more pain and heartache.  As we work with many people who have lost their jobs, many of these people already have many other troubles and problems that others may not know.

I was asked to assist an employee being released, and after the employer gave the employee her notice, he brought her to me, in an all glass-enclosed room, where other employees were walking by.  This is the first release I had handled for this employer, and I didn’t get a chance to explain that a glass-enclosed room was not really appropriate due to the sensitive situation.  I sensed the released employee’s embarrassment, and I did all I could to comfort her and offer reassurance that I would help her through this difficult time.

More recently, we were assigned to provide Outplacement to a person who had just lost his wife.  Therefore, we arranged for an Outplacement program that would allow for some extra time, considering the circumstances, as the employee was also now going to be a single parent.  Clearly, the employee was completely distraught and devastated.

Obviously, employers have to often make some tough decisions for the sake of the business, though it is important to try to be aware of an employee’s home life when possible and consider what might be a feasible alternative or an optional program to address what was required under the circumstances.

One other employee was released on the very day she was to close on the purchase of a home.  Once the manager learned of this, we agreed to make some special adjustments to bridge this employee’s double-transition.  Employers who are willing and sensitive to demonstrate such humanity are valued and recognized for such genuine respect.

There will always be someone dealing with a difficult or emotional situation, and with most people being in such a hurry, many have forgotten how to be thoughtful and respectful of others.  Today was the birthday of my first son, who died five years ago due to his damaged lung as a result of a horrible car accident when he was a teenager.  Though I have accepted this tragedy, I continue to miss him.  Therefore, on a day like today, I have been more aware of others with heartache.

So when rushing through crowds, driving too fast, and possibly being impatient and inconsiderate to those around you, take a deep breath and consider saying a kind word or smiling at others.  You could provide that ray of hope that the person needs.  Your gesture of sensitivity could ease the pain of others.  Please take a moment to digest and reflect this thought.  You could make a positive difference in someone’s day.  This message is for any and everyone.


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