Human Resources: Professionals Impacting The Bottom Line

The majority of business owners and employers don’t grasp how “human resources” can benefit a company’s bottom line, but they most definitely can!  Since a business is dependent on good, productive employees, there are many ways how the human resources professionals directly impact the Bottom Line.

  1. Even before beginning to recruit for qualified employees, an appropriate job description is drafted by HR, which includes what risks might be involved, determining the cost for the employee’s insurance the company covers.  Job Descriptions must be confirmed before posting.
  2. When candidates apply for the job, HR must confirm that the candidate does possess all qualifications and abilities needed for the job, as well as background checks, etc.
  3. When a candidate is confirmed as “qualified”, they and others qualified will likely be interviewed by Human Resources to decide who would be the best, capable person.
  4. Once a candidate is selected, made an offer and accepts the position, the new employee should be given “On-Board” training, in order that the employee understands all that is expected.  This new employee may be placed on a probationary period and given a mentor or “buddy” to help during the initial weeks.  Human Resources provides the On-Board Training and support.
  5. As the new employee progresses, Human Resources may watch this employee more closely to see if he/she needs any additional training or guidance through the first months.  All employees are measured on how effective he/she is on a job.  This can impact a department when they report on their productivity or gauge their capabilities.
  6. Periodically, Human Resources is also responsible for additional training for the workforce to be as efficient and productive as possible.  If HR sees equipment/machinery is slowing down the progress, they will report this to Operations, etc., as any delay costs a business money.
  7. Another area Human Resources can impact the Bottom Line is other areas of business, like Sales Training or Customer Service Training, and even Accounting.  All areas of a business all need to perform their very best.  Therefore, if complaints come into a business, if that department isn’t performing appropriately, people can lose their jobs and be open to training.  Consequently, each area is monitored and managed somewhat by Human Resources in doing their jobs appropriately and efficiently.
  8. HR is also responsible for many legal matters, or is an initial contact.

Therefore, Human Resources definitely is a Central Point in a business, helping others to do their Best.

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