How Can Businesses Respond to Negative Events

Encourage a Positive Attitude
Being Optimistic & Encouraging Others leads to Peaceful Harmony

If you haven’t noticed, there have been a number of businesses who are reducing workforces, or merging, or making acquisitions, or just closing?  Though this is nothing new, we can’t just scratch our heads and ignore them either?  Of course, with all the politics in the air, you can’t help but wonder what is having impacts on different matters.  Then throw in the extreme weather events, and you know that will impact a lot of the areas due to the damage on our agriculture.  Hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, fires!  Don’t ask what else can happen, as you know that just beckens for more problems.

It wasn’t until I got into my mid-life years when I finally grasped the understanding of the Economics aspect to what happens in our own back yard.  It is amazing how all the international happenings and world events impacted people and countries around the world.  Now it seems too often tragedies and disasters half-way around the world have become so close to us.  And yet far enough away that it isn’t like you can jump in your car and help someone half the world away.

You would think that with all of our technological advancements, that we could do something to help others far away.  Instead, the criminals of our world use technology to cause havoc wherever they choose.  It is despicable that people who have the intelligence to delve into the most complex technology and cause devastation, when they could just as easily use their intelligence and skills to better our world — why won’t they take that high road instead of lashing out in negative ways.

Today all businesses have to approach their enterprises with lots of caution and security, scrutinizing every action from every direction, and this can cause a business to collapse.  Can you imagine the difference if one  decent “criminal” would take a stand and do whatever is possible to foil other criminal negative attempts?  It would be a day to celebrate that there is hope for the “good guys” yet!  There are so many wonderful things that capable people could do for others, if they only would.

In the meantime those hard-working businesses will have to be diligent to watch over their well-intended investments to help our world the best they can.  There are also those many hard-working employees trying to make a living for their families.  It would be such a blessing for good businesses to be able to succeed and keep their employees working.  We all need to hope for good weather.  In addition, we should ask for blessings for those many utilities workers and volunteers to aid in helping the MANY families who have lost so much due to extreme bad weather.  We also need to be thankful for those businesses who have been able to provide supplies needed during these weather disasters.

The business communities have proven to be so supportive through these tough times.  Thanks to them all!!!