Note the Leading Transition Needing the Attention of Most Organizations

Well-Trained Leaders are a Necessity

Leaders Can Make or Break an Organization – They Are the Guiding Light.

For a long time companies and numerous organizations haven’t had to give much thought to selecting and developing Business Executives and Leaders for their Succession.  However, the time has come when more and more of our brightest and most successful Leaders/Executives are choosing to “take their leave”.  Rightly so as most have stayed longer than they had originally planned, but with that being said, the majority of these successful Leaders and Decision Makers are overdue to retire – or at least do something else.  Unfortunately, most companies and organizations have not been consciously watching for or seeking prospective leaders, who will need to receive effective and strategic training.

Since many of the exiting executives are definitely due to retire or leave, some of these leaders are not providing a lot of notice, and yet the training of new Leaders most assuredly needs substantial time for their training and to implement their new knowledge.  In fact, such training would be best if introduced over multiple periods of time, receiving instruction and then utilizing their lessons before receiving additional lessons.

When asking companies how many have selected and trained their new leaders for the future, very few have completed this task.  In fact, nearly half of the companies have not even “selected” their Leadership Candidates.  Then an Effective Leadership Training Program usually will require at least “multiple” weeks before the new Leader is prepared to take this very responsible role, and preferably “months” before baring the full responsibility.  The training is obviously important, but also is the time used to utilize all aspects of a Leader.

When identifying a thorough, focused, and well designed Leadership Training Program, be sure to discuss this type of “transitional” training with Compass Career Management Solutions.  Their background and insight dealing with leaders and transitions would be of great value.  Visit their website:; 704-849-2500.  Without this critical assistance, a business may not have a future.


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