The Key to Effective Outplacement

This is not to make the community anxious but to help them to be informed and proactive.  Changes happen!  That’s life!  But be wise and stay informed and prepared to “manage the change”, rather than having the “change manage you”.  Read and learn.

Whoever coined the word “Outplacement” has caused much confusion for those in the industry, as most people hear the word “placement” and automatically believe this term deals with “placement services”, which is incorrect.  In addition, outplacement firms can vary substantially in the services provided.  Some of these career transition firms provide group workshops, individual coaching, resume development, marketing themselves, and targeting employers.  However, the service still leaves the individual responsible for the outcome.

Unfortunately, a Job Search today is much more challenging, and resumes, though still needed, is just one part in this competitive process.  A Job Search Candidate needs to be sure of what position he/she is seeking, and how they can best benefit a company.  The Candidate needs to carefully select & research companies, looking for those areas within a business that aligns an employee’s passion/purpose, encouraging them to stay.

Each Job Search Candidate should know themselves well and analyze a company enough to determine if they are a good fit.  Then the Candidate has to be able to effectively market themselves.  A successful Candidate should be a) well organized, b) have good follow-through skills, c) track prospective targets, d) be an active networker, e) keep professional expertise current, and f) be open to develop and grow.

As for companies, it is easy to let emotions direct you in a negative way.  Companies are wise to have a sound and reasonable policy in regards to releasing employees, making sure that the official process is followed, yet be aware of any sensitive areas or emotions that could impact the situation or outcome.  Usually the human resources professionals have instructed all management on documenting any inappropriate or improper behavior, verbiage, or actions by the particular employee.  After certain repeated notations, a company should have specified repercussions in the policy so all is clear on how this matter is handled.  Still, legal entanglements can occur.  This is one reason many companies use Outplacement firms, who are experts in managing such a transition and keeping emotions in check.  (*There is an emotional aspect to this process, as many affected employees are scarred by this traumatic experience.  OP Professionals are trained to carefully manage such matters.)

Companies faced with the reduction of employees should give serious consideration to using an Outplacement firm in order to avoid escalating tension or leaving that employee with no “life line”, as some employees may feel vulnerable and scared.  A credible Outplacement firm provides that support.  (Employers may need to consider support to the “survivors” as well.)

Compass Career Management Solutions can walk an employer through this delicate event and knows of credible resources, when needed.  They teach their candidates how to “manage his/her job search”.  Contact our office today to help you get started on a strategic career transition process.  Call: 704-849-2500 or  email:  Owners: Robyn Crigger (CEO) and Bill Crigger (Pres.).