Employers, Do You Provide Key Factors That Attract “Good Employees”?

What do most hard-working adults in the United States seek and consider important and valuable priorities in a reputable and healthy organization or employer today?


  • Mutual respect
  • Clear expectations (Be upfront and clearly state your expectations of employees)
  • Honest and wise/strategic leadership (Trustworthy)
  • Supportive provisions for employees (including Training & Development)
  • Reasonable and fair funding and benefits


Everyone is different, but most persons are hard-working and depend on honest employers to treat all employees equally.  Still, it seems most employers are also in need of employees who are dependable and willing to give a hard day’s efforts when treated decently.

Importance of Investing in HR

When a job candidate locates honest, reputable and supportive employers, the word quickly spreads!  Those good employers appreciate the conscientious workers, who spread the word about the opportunities for other “good employees”.


One other trait of credible employers is one who is well trained and strives to effectively train one’s own employees.  Of course, those experienced employees also seek out businesses, who know how to lead and manage a business efficiently.  A strategic employer is one who values the skills to organize and manage a business and its workforce.  With these capabilities and credible resources, one can produce successful outcomes.


Changes can easily occur in any industry, which is why these business leaders work hard to be proactive and strengthen their workers.  Success doesn’t “just happen”.  It takes concentrated efforts, quality materials, and good skills to deliver excellent resources.  Do your leaders understand the value of investing in the skills to attract and retain a good workforce?