What To Do If Your Employer Expects To Close?

There are multiple businesses who are said to be preparing to close in 2020. If your employer is one, what are you doing in the meantime? Some employers are providing some type of incentive pay to encourage employees to stay until the closing. However, if an opportunity arises, should you take that or stay until the closing to receive this special fee? No one can answer that but you. Each person has to decide that for him/herself.

Some employees want to receive the “incentive pay”, but others are afraid to wait until all employees are in the job market. If you/the employee are the soul “bread winner”, you may not feel comfortable to wait until that last day. However, either way, a person would be wise to receive some career coaching and have a professional resume developed. In fact, if you haven’t asked, it would be exceedingly wise to ask your employer if he/she would be willing to provide some outplacement support.

Even if the unemployment rate is low, the job market is still very competitive. Have you kept your expertise and skills current? Have you been one to work on growing your network and use LinkedIn and other social media to expand your circle of contacts? Have you attended professional seminars or webinars? Have you changed job often? Can you provide good examples of your accomplishments?

If your organization is strong, you should suggest that your employer provide training to grow your skills and talents. Be open to new opportunities and attend professional organizations, where you can learn through programs and their members. In addition, when feasible, be open to having exchanges with your employer and other executives to share ideas and learn from each other. Also, tap into current books and classes to grow your own potential. As you learn of effective resources, share those with your employer as a benefit for rewarding supportive employees. Compass Career Management is such a credible resource.

Don’t wait until “the shoe drops”, but instead keep yourself current and marketable. Let your employer know of your desire to grow and contribute in keeping the business healthy. Be proactive!

reaction when caught unprepared for the closing

Reaction When Caught Unprepared for the Closing

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