Each Person's Duty

Each Person Plays An Important Part

Some major companies are selecting interesting candidates as their new leaders, meanwhile other outstanding leaders are exiting/retiring.  Though colleges, universities, and tech schools are producing some quality talent, there seems to still be a substantial need for those with “skilled labor skills”.  This is especially true in states that are experiencing a lot of growth and construction.  Companies need intelligent, detail-oriented, well-organized leaders, who will make sure their workforces follow directions and will take accountability for their work.

Chances are most have heard of the collapsing of the Hard Rock Café structure, which I found most unusual as this large structure seemed to simply fall without any major winds or other serious weather conditions, not to mention the fear it caused to those in the area.  (An obvious example of the importance of hard hats and construction gear.)

Many people take construction for granted, but the skills involved, beginning with architectural and engineering designs, which require extended education, and those laborers who are so talented and efficient in their skilled labor areas, that it appears they “easily and effortlessly” combine their skills to produce awesome high quality structures.  But clearly with this recent building collapsing, companies are now reminded of the risks involved.

Not only do these dynamic structures require sharp and perfected professionals, but the quality of the products (metal, wood beams, electrical wiring, glass, insulation, flooring, etc.) need to meet all high standards.  There are experts to be involved in construction to make sure each stage of a building structure is processed accurately.  This usually requires the passing of specific codes for each area.

It is exciting to watch construction take place, but it is always critical that each stage is properly handled.  Each construction representative plays an important role.  The consequence is HEAVY.  Whether building a home or large healthcare facility, the construction company owner is responsible for the outcome.

What company leaders recognize as priorities include: qualified skills, appropriate training, understanding the value of having each stage inspected, etc.  Always be open to thorough reviews or insight to improve.   It is always wise to double check each step of a project.  A good, responsible leader does not want any regrets or second thoughts.


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