(As a Fellow Citizen…) HOW DO YOU SPELL “H-E-L-P”?

When we were children, our parents, grandparents, friends of the family, teachers, principals, and all who represented “authorities” would encourage you to become a good, hard-working, thoughtful, generous, and supportive person.  That sounds like good advice, and there are many children and young people who are doing just that, and some have even been recognized for being of such good characters.  Some have even been given rewards, gifts, publicity, and even encouraged others to follow suit.

Then you watch the news, social media, and other publications and media venues, and you see some public figures (and others), who have taken advantage of other people, stealing identities, scamming and taking valuables and funds from others’ financial accounts, charging on others’ credit cards, stealing Social Security money, etc.  These are examples of two extremes happening right here in our country, and these atrocities are only a small fraction of other crimes committed by “all sorts of people”.  Not all of these criminals are the image of what many may assume are the “bad guys”.  Sadly, a large number of criminals can have a decent-looking appearance – one might even say that “they look safe or harmless”, but that is so deceptive!

On every news station and news publication, you will hear repeated phrases shared frequently, like “the need of affordable housing”, or “employment rates are low”, yet there are many unemployed or homeless.  Whether people are employed or not, a large number of citizens cannot AFFORD to even rent an apartment!  Rent has become outrageous!  The rest on the news tells of “continued violence, ongoing drug use, increased robberies and thefts, as well as murders and human trafficking”.

When you think of the range of topics in this article, from the first paragraph to the third, someone might think you are talking about different planets, but unfortunately, that is not the case.  Songs have been written about the reflection of adults, who have reached a point in their lives of realizing how easy it is to blame someone else for all the negative events and facets of our world, BUT how does complaining help?  As part of a community, what have we done to stop any of these negative events or factors?  If we were to get angry at those stirring up violence and try to “knock some sense into them” (as some say), will that really help?  As a Business or individual we each need to decide how to help.  Changes keep happening, and we can’t just bury our heads in the sand.

Instead of joining those who complain about all that is wrong, how about giving thought of doing something positive for a person or supporting a group trying to help?  Giving money may be needed, But many would actually appreciate a smile, a kind word, a cup of soup, or a warm blanket.  Even a warm pair of socks are welcomed.  All are encouraged to consider a “helping hand” to those who appear down and out.  When people find themselves dealing with tough times, be there to LISTEN.

Helping Hands

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