Wise Management Steps Of Employee Reductions

employee reductions

Most employers face an employee reduction or layoff at some point during their ownership.  This is an emotional and stressful experience, as well as including some legal risks, that need to be taken seriously and strategically.  Obviously, the reason for the stress and intensity involves the fact that this transition will be affecting many peoples’ lives and their livelihood.

No one relishes letting employees go, yet some circumstances dictate this decision. The employees affected are clearly expected to be upset, though the employers also experience strong emotions such as seeing themselves as the “bad guys” or “villains”, even though they feel compelled to make this decision. Though this action is required and difficult, there are some considerations that can reduce or minimize the stress and negative impact as well as provide support to employees to move forward.

Employers are recommended to keep this information on hand:

  • When it appears that you will need to reduce your workforce, seriously consider talking with a “transition expert”, like Compass Career Management Solution, who has lots of experience in this area and should be able to ask key questions to help you approach your transition as efficiently, cost effectively, and sensitively as possible.
  • One key factor in a smooth and responsible transition is to NOT put off planning how to best manage your transition, as there are usually many factors that need special arrangements and timing is critical.
  • It is impossible to keep such an important business matter under-wraps from the whole organization, and once one or two know, the word spreads like lightning. Therefore, it is again important to not delay researching and planning how to best manage the overall steps of the transitions.
  • By using an outside expert in transitions, their impartial perspective will often catch areas or decisions that are overlooked. There are so many aspects involved in a business, that it is so easy for one to slip between the cracks. (Customers, employees, vendors, various partners, etc.)
  • Timing and good organization play a huge, significant role in a transition. With each aspect of a business transition, there are dates, required documents, legal and financial matters, cancelling issues, changes of business services, etc. that must be done at specific times and in specific order. This is especially true of government matters.

The most important point is do not procrastinate but jump on all tasks as early as possible.

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