Detailed Interview Exchange

Be Clear between Employer & Employee Re: Priorities

As many employers have observed, the millennials and other employees tend to only stay with a company for 2-4 years.  The younger generation employees also strongly encourage employers to provide regular training and development.  Such trends make it uneasy for employers to quickly agree to training, which does involve a healthy fee and should involve a commitment.  But does it?

Of course, once the employee is trained, he/she would likely make a positive improvement on productivity for the company, but if the employee turns around after being trained and soon after accepts a new position elsewhere, it would be a negative blow towards that supportive employer.  How could that employer trust other employees not to do the same thing?  Why should an employer provide training if the employee is not committed to utilize the training to benefit the current supportive employer for at least a reasonable amount of time?

Employers and employees need to develop a genuine trust with and commitment to each other.  This should be a part of an honest discussion during interviewing and the making of a job offer.  Employers are encouraged to be straight-forward with those prospects, who employers believe would be an asset to the organization.  If both are willing to make a commitment to each other, it would be prudent for the employer to provide the training and development, that would produce a win-win for both sides.

Trust and integrity are crucial factors between employee and employer in the working world.  This may take a face-to-face exchange, where any concerns or questions can be shared and examined before both agree to this working relationship.  Though more time may be needed to accomplish this, in the long run each should have a good feeling about the decision and commitment.  If the goal for each is to contribute their best for the future growth of the company/organization, they will both be proud of their decisions.  (During On-Boarding this relationship or bond should be re-confirmed.)


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