Listening + Communication =

Are you really listening or anticipating how to answer?

This time of year everyone has dozens of things on their minds, and most of us feel that we are going to forget something, which is very likely.  I have always been one who makes a list when I have a lot happening.   I don’t want to forget anyone or anything.  I missed lunch with a friend last month because I forgot to put that on my calendar.  When she called, and I realized what I had done, I was so upset with myself, not to mention embarrassed.  This is a very good and dear friend!  How could I have done this?

This could also involve things at work, which I know would be a big help to a client, and I begin sensing that I haven’t explained well enough how this suggested effort would make a REALLY big impact on the company.  With many businesses at risk for not taking steps to improve an important or large aspect of the business, something of a large magnitude could place the business at high risk.  There are definitely some efforts that can make or break a business.

An example could be the need for specific training!  Practically all businesses and their employees are requesting more training.  By keeping employees current and effective in various areas, this could strengthen manufacturing or enable the business to produce and sell more products.

One critical type of training needed is “Improved Communication”!  Our society has become worse at listening but just as bad at communicating.  Most people tend to be distracted most of the time, thus they only hear part of what they are told.  Communication affects practically everyone in a company: salespeople, production, shipping, accounting, and customer service.  With each lapse of information, the chances are, you will increase the loss of more customers.

As the holidays come closer, give serious thought to bumping up your “organization skills”, making notes of all that is happening, as well as to consider training for “Improved Communication”.   You are worth the “investment”, and we can HELP!


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