The Value of Organization

Changes Require Much Organization & Planning

Being organized and prepared for a progressive, successful new year can give you a great feeling of accomplishment and productivity.  As the end of the year holidays proceed, most of us feel overwhelmed or like we are always behind.  The more organized I am, the less stressed I feel.

At this time of year there is usually more tasks to tackle, and our time is gobbled up faster than ever.  Even though more people are taking advantage of “on-line shopping”, there are often more social events to attend, Christmas cards to sign and address, decorating the house, possibly some annual holiday baking to do and distribute, gathering items for those less fortunate, etc.  Of course, this doesn’t include your normal, routine work that needs done.

This should motivate you to give lots of thought to those regular tasks that needs done BEFORE the end of the year, and before the new year begins.  If you keep folders for all the business accounts, you will need to box up the old ones and get new folders labeled and ready for the new year.  (Most of the old folders should be boxed up to prepare for taxes.)

Gathering all expense receipts for 2019 to give your accountant and other data is important in starting 2020 on the right foot.  For both your business and your personal life, you should already have separate boxes for these files.  If you have any reports that need filed before the end of 2019, tackle this soon.  Don’t wait to the last minute.  That is how items slip through the cracks.

With these thoughts in mind, it is recommended to make a list of all things that need processed for 2019, as well as setting up new files, etc. to prepare for 2020.  When going from one year into another, making a list of all required paperwork, payments, and processes is a good way to start this new year off on the “right foot”.  Attention to your employees, customers, vendors, and taxes are critical.  This organizational process should help reduce your stress and give you a feeling of relief.  Make 2020 a great fresh start!


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