Pulling Ideas Together

Proactive Encouragement for Positive Outcomes

Each year companies find themselves either looking for ideas or trends that can boost their bottom line, OR they find themselves dealing with competitors, who have the “new trend” and feeling that they are appearing to be “outdated” or “boring” compared to their competitors.  If this “new trend” is being praised and valued by the public or customers, your business could suffer a major lag.

What can a business do to try to catch up with their competitors, if unable to create a new trend of their own and excel?  Businesses would be wise to tap into the creativity of their own workforce.  Many great ideas can be found within their own employees.  Offer a fair incentative to stimulate fresh, creative activity.  Many great inventions have been stumbled onto by parents watching their children.

However, if a business is unable to discover some useful and unique ideas to stimulate good activity for their organization, the outcome could result in downsizings or restructurings, releasing employees due to slow production or reduction of business.  The fact is companies are wise to always have their workforces to watch for and create different products, processes, or efforts continually.

It is when companies become “comfortable” with their business activity and feel overly confident when changes develop and suddenly their companies find themselves hurting for business.  New creations and developments can come about via a wide variety of venues.  Encourage your workforce to consider themselves all “creators” or part of a “research and development department”.  Be sure to provide any creative employee a special gift and praise when able to bring good ideas to their organization.

Otherwise, those same employees could find themselves unemployed.  Neither the employer nor the employees relish such an event.  Employers, remember to praise and/or reward those employees who are able to provide new ideas to grow the business.

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