How Do You Feel About Yourself When You Look In The Mirror

man looking in mirror
Are you honest with yourself?

We each have hopes, dreams, and goals for ourselves, but the fact is we have little control over much of our lives. Since the majority of people have to work for a living, one very big and important factor or influence in our lives is our “employer”. When an employer or business owner closes their business, that can devastate the employees and their families.

Employment is the source of livelihood for most people – from living arrangements, groceries, payment of utilities, healthcare, etc., etc. When that source comes to an end, it can force that employee and family to face a “lack of hope”. Though most businesses faced with closure are aware of this dilemma for a good amount of time, those affected can have extenuating circumstances that causes major hardships. What can add to the frustration and stress is if an employer could have taken steps to avoid this event.

There are some employers and business owners who don’t have their priorities in order, and put off efforts that may seem low priority but could have been a huge help to the Bottom Line. There are areas of a business that can easily be undervalued. When an employer or business owner examines closely what are weak links in the organization, many find out how some small efforts can make such a major positive impact.

If you are an employer/business owner, and you found out that some simple, modestly-priced programs could have resolved the shortage that would have saved your business, how would you feel about yourself? A very well-established leader told me some time ago that looking in the mirror at himself each day was a way to remind himself to be the best he could be as others depended on him. All employers/business owners/leaders need to remind themselves that many depend on them. An employer can be “the one providing HOPE to others”! Are you (employers) doing your best at taking care of your business? Look in the Mirror and see what the reflection “honestly” tells you!; 704-849-2500