A Wise Leader Is Open to Learn The Critical Factors of Success

Be Well Informed of All Risks & Issues that Could Jeopardize the Business & Be Prepared to Act on Them

What would you do differently in your decision-making role this coming year than you did this past year that you believe could have produced better results or a better outcome?  There are usually some decisions or efforts that involved some unexpected factors, which knowing that now would have made you aware of the better approach.

Factors with variables, which can cause negative impact include:

  • Weather
  • Specific materials needed for the project
  • Using employees with different, inappropriate or insensitive personality traits
  • Missing parts, equipment, or sufficient energy source
  • Lacking the specific knowledge or training required
  • Being uninformed about the process or new procedure being used
  • Etc.

Too often when we are asked to take care of or resolve a situation, it is not always noted that there is some missing information, data, or specific issues.  Therefore, as the decision maker or leader, you jump into the situation without realizing the need to ask some important questions.

This may sound like an elementary oversight, but depending on consequences involved, a Decision Maker/Leader may “assume” that all critical facts would have been relayed from the start.  Unfortunately, when such an event takes place, we often jump in to take charge without asking needed questions.

“Lesson learned” is to take the time to ask critical questions PRIOR to jumping into action.  By taking a few minutes for questions, you can avoid a faulty result and conclude with a much more successful outcome.  You might be wise to develop a list of “critical questions prior to resolving problems of a serious nature”.  Depending on your own industry, your questions should be ones that address your type of challenges.  This would not only help to better manage such situations but would also be a good practice for your area of responsibilities.  Be organized, thorough, and as prepared as possible as a dependable leader.



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