Where Does Mental Health Rank on Employers’ Priority List

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In case you hadn’t noticed, there has been a substantial increase in “workplace violence”.  In fact, these have occurred in a wide variety of industries and levels of employment.  The impact of hand guns is not necessarily the basis for this increase.

Whether in schools, manufacturing firms, theaters, malls, etc., the increase in anger and violence crosses all ages, cultures, sex, levels of education, race, etc.   When you think about how diverse our society is anymore, the matter of anger and violence in the workplace becomes more complex.

Some say that our society seems to be drawn to violence in movies, books, games, even the media spends a majority of its time discussing or focused on every violent event everywhere.  What does that do to the mental state of our citizens?  If children are grown up, being exposed to violent acts being the solution to any disagreement, debate, or difference between people, does it not make sense that this would be the normal reaction of a person?  Why not expose ourselves and the children to more positive role models?

If  “anger and violent actions” become the normal thought process and reactions of most people, which is becoming the case, more violence, murder, and deaths will become the result.  Getting rid of guns won’t bring this to a halt.  As we know, people will only turn to other weapons.  Even cars are used during “road rage”.  Instead, we need to break the habit of exposing ourselves to so much violence in our lives.  We also need to learn to manage those angry feelings and not take them out on others.

Are employers aware of this increasing issue?  Do they not care?  Or do they not realize how they can help with this concern?  Turning a blind eye or burying their heads in the sand will only allow this problem to grow.  Instead, employers can take specific measures that will reduce the anger while improving the workplace environment and even increasing production.

However, the first step is to bring our workforces together and provide a Forum to make all aware of what is happening to us and understand the solution is within us.  Give serious thought of hiring Compass Career Management Solutions to provide such a Forum.  This will never end if we don’t take that first step.  Help improve the mental health of our community by taking that first step.  Employers, make this a priority!