Time to Create Your Strategic Plan For A Successful 2020

Take this quieter time after Christmas to think through and review the good and bad choices and decisions you made for your business and yourself over the past year. Use either the 2019 calendar, the past year’s seasons of your business, or possibly the key areas or departments to systematically evaluate what were good efforts, poor processes, or even factors out of your control, like the weather or economic challenges.

As you breakdown your past year’s activities and chosen approaches, etc., make a graph and chart which were positive or productive outcomes, verses those which did not prove to be successful, but also note if there were steps or ingredients that would have proven to produce a more positive outcome.

The factors that were out of your control are not ones you alter, unless it is a matter of checking informational resources ahead, which would have helped you avoid the negative results. (Be practical and rational about this aspect.) After gathering all your data from this past year’s activities, use a simple graph reflecting your processes, efforts, and results. Where different ingredients, timing, management of a process could have produced better results, highlight the time when change should have been made.

In an addendum draft the new process with the changes and determine as best as possible what the new outcomes would have been. Be as accurate and honest as possible.
In addition, if you think of a better and totally different approach or process that should be considered, make note of that on your “addendum”, marking it as a “new” option.
The more you think through how to improve your business efforts, the better chance you can accomplish this and be more successful. Don’t rush through this, but give it your full concentration, including the research of credible resources and optional approaches.

a compass


First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter
List annual projects Select projects per qtr. Review past proj. Identify needed changes
Select ingredients Review ingredients Determine needs Evaluate choices
Draft budget Adjust budget if needed Evaluate budget Determine balance
Customer reactions Determine feedback Seek alternatives Evaluate outcomes
Research alternatives Select 2 or 3 options Evaluate feedback Calculate final outcomes

With each quarter, there will need to be multiple steps between major decisions.  In order to achieve successful results, thorough research and ingredients are necessities, as well as being sharp examining each step and making decisions as soon as changes are recognized as needed.  Thus, the decision maker must keep a close eye on the entire process and be quick to respond.

Success is far from easy.  It requires a seriously conscientious, detailed professional, with the ability to make difficult decisions as soon as it is recognized.

Are your leaders prepared to make difficult decisions?  Would they be able to determine who would be a good, effective leader?  Compass Career Management Solutions strengths include the ability to train effective leaders, who are not always who you would expect.  Being “popular” or “well liked” are not necessarily the traits of a good leader.  Be “Selective”!  We’re here to help.

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