Violence in the Workplace
Impartial Facilitation Eases Workplace Violence

How well do you understand the issue of Workplace Violence?  It isn’t like waking up on the wrong side of the bed one day.  Some people can be overly sensitive about their close relationships.  Or it could be that a person can be highly sensitive about his/her hair, nose, accent, etc. and become exceedingly irritable when someone mentions the particular feature or characteristics, even if a negative comment has NOT been made.

It is unfortunate that the individual may feel so extremely sensitive, that the slightest comment can be misunderstood or blown totally out of proportion, etc.

One of the best things that could happen is to bring an “impartial facilitator” into the group of employees and allow people to first vent and then discuss but also “listen” to each other.  Communication has always been a weak link in any organization, but the focus needs to be on “LISTENING” to each other.

If misunderstandings or miscommunications develop, be sure to take the time to have each side of the conversation to explain their confusion to the other.  Many misunderstandings become exaggerated or blown out of proportion before they realize how their emotions have escalated as well.  Voices can become louder and tempers rise in just a matter of minutes.

An impartial facilitator can use a calm voice and other tactics to ease the stress before serious problems arise.  Any and all organizations can face such situations in the blink of an eye.  Compass Career Manaagement Solutions are experts in a variety of business and employee challenges.  Don’t wait for tempers to flare and anger to escalate before reaching out to a credible resource like Compass Career Management Solutions.  Contact 704-849-2500 and visit our website:   Such resources can help to avoid extreme violence and even strengthen the relationships of a workforce.