What Have You Done to Prepare for Workplace Violence

Conflict & Anger

How Anger Can Get Out of Control at Work

As violence at workplaces continue to escalate, it is becoming more critical for employers to address this concern by talking with employees about different scenarios that could develop and what concerns employees may have (as well as the need for employers).

For instance, if an employee is one who has difficulty managing his/her own anger, certain steps will be taken to avoid others being abused.  Or if an employee is unable to be respectful of authority, that would also be addressed.  However, if a family member of an employee comes to the workplace in a rage or violent, the employer would be expected to contact the police in order to protect all employees.

No matter what the scenario, it is extremely wise and responsible for employers to develop a plan, as well as inform the workforce ahead of the company’s rules and policies in order to have employees informed and feel assured of a safe workplace.

There are many points of consideration, such as what kind of security system do you have?  How are visitors processed in your facility?  How do you handle an employee who demonstrates any tendency towards violence or anger?  Have you ever had a terminated employee to become violent?  Does your local police have a copy of your facility’s floor plan?

Don’t wait until a situation develops, instead you are encouraged to talk with a reliable resource NOW to think through possible scenarios and make arrangements to avoid any harm coming to you or your employees.  Keep in mind that anyone could become emotional, i.e. an upset customer, vendor, etc.  It would also be wise to contact your business attorney for any perspectives you may have overlooked.  Don’t panic but keep focused and make a plan and have resources in place.  With our country, as well as the world experiencing heightened tension, you should probably be more cautious and seriously consider professional assistance.  Many people are feeling more emotional these days.

Compass Career Management Solutions has over 25 years of experience and has effective resources as needed.  It would be very prudent and responsible for you to seriously consider contacting professionals, experienced with employee-sensitive issues, such as Compass Career Management ASAP to meet and discuss handling such matters.  www.compasscareer.com; 704-849-2500.

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